Monday, 12 January 2009

The Mysterious Island

There are many islands littering the seas that hold strange and dangerous perils for explorers and travellers alike. From the dangerous beasts of Skull Island, the dangerous master of Vulcania or the rumours stories of the island of R'lyeh it seems even Caledon has it's own perils.

Many remember the disaster of the Saint Kitt Islands but the newly discovered Mondserrat may prove more sinister still.

Stranded after your submersible becomes defective, visitors to Mondserrat are already starting from behind.

When you realise you are the most recent in a history of shipwreck survivors.

Strange iconography abounds on the island.

You soon discover that even going in heavily armed does not mean the odds are even.

Because you could get attacked by killer bees

Or exploding teddy bears

Or aliens

Or n00b zombies ("Grr Argh!")

Or prize chairs

And that's all without one of your fellow explorers PUSHING THE BUTTON!

Though it seems to involve the eternal battle for our hearts and souls between Basement Cat

And Ceiling Cat

Can you haz cheezburger?

A list of collectable items has been compiled here for those wishing to explore the islands fully.