Thursday, 9 October 2008

Pimping Steelhead

Steelhead Port Harbor is taking prebookings for interested residents.

From the brochure:

Live in Steelhead Port Harbor!

Industrial Steampunk themed sim based on Monterray California 1890's. Drawbridge, working railroad, and beautifully crafted concept builds of the fantasy theme of steampunk will surround you.

Port Harbor is an industrial sim, so railroad and factories with smokestacks will be present.
Many waterfront residential lots are available. Boats are very welcome talk to Lunar to rent a water lot for your vessel, airships are also very welcome over either water or land lots.

The commercial zoned areas are in red on the map are built over an intricate gallery pier (no civic prims count against your lot primcount). We do not have telehubs in Steelhead, so direct teleport is welcome. If you wish to live above your storefront please feel free to do so. Read covenant agreement to find out all rules of the sims.

Tall industrial buildings are encouraged here in Port Harbor, large vessels are encouraged. We can accommodate you, please ask if you have specific needs.

IM TotalLunar Eclipse for rental information. Commercial and Residential lots available. But hurry, these lots may be rented fast.