Friday, 17 October 2008

Coming soon to Radio Riel

With the completion of Nicol Williamson's version of The Hobbit, soon will start the exciting broadcast of the Space 1889 audiobooks.

First will be Red Devils.


"Are we or they Lords of the World?
And how are all things made for Man?"

Destination Mars!

In 1889, the ether ship Perbindesh approaches the red planet, her passengers an assembly of the great and the good. Skerrun, a Martian princeling, returning from a sojourn on Earth; Sir Henry Routledge, the new governor of the British colony. Professor Golightly, a renowned authority on the red planet. But everyone has a secret. The Perbindesh carries a cargo of conspiracy and intrigue. And not all aboard will live to see Mars…

The game's afoot, and it is the greatest game of all!

Everything Jules Verne should have written.
Everything H.G. Wells could have written.
Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of, but never published -
because it was too fantastic.

Space 1889 - Scientific Romance from Noise Monster Productions

Ivor Danvers as Sir Henry Routledge
Simon Williams as Captain St John Ffolkes
Ian Brooker as Professor Golightly
Jo Castleton as Miss Georgina Golightly
Toby Longworth as Sergeant Carstairs
Kevin Murphy as Doherty
Katarina Olsson as Miss Charlotte Wong
Rupert Wickham as Lieutenant Williams
Tam Williams as Prince Skerrun
Anthony Daniels as Captain Carter
Other parts are played by the members of the cast.

Starting 6th of November


Anonymous said...

Space 1889: Red Devils is brilliant!