Monday, 20 October 2008

Babbage Masquerade

The social scene in New Babbage has been picking up of late and I was finally able to make it along to one of the events.

Set in a lovely courtyard Mr. Skusting Dagger and Miss Breezy Carver hosted an excellent night.

Myself and my dear wife won the Best Couple prize.

There was a stunning array of outfits on the night with people from quite a few of the steampunk themed nations in attendance.

Lag for the evening seemed to have been imported especially and after several hours there were still people who had grey prims to me. It was a fun night and congratulations to the other winners. I honestly don't remember who they were as I had about 3 groups and several individual chat windows open. Surely the sign of a good night :-)

Oh and a special hello to Miss Gigglebird. :-)


Skusting Dagger said...

So glad you and the Missus had a good time. Its also quite nice to see you around Babbage more these days!