Tuesday, 28 October 2008

An early New Year's Present

Wow, Linden Lab[s] seems to really know how to go about pissing off its user base.

Today they announced new measures for open source (void) sims. Not only will there be a 2/3 increase on monthly tier from $75USD to $125USD a month, but brand new ones will cost an extra 50% up from $250USD to $375USD.

Our Guvnah has said *wait and see*, though early indications from the emergency meeting held today show some valid fears.

Caledon is 20 open space sims out of 44. Antiquity has a significantly higher proportion. I know Steelhead was in the process of getting one and New Babbage has one as well. Winterfell certainly has more than half of its sims as open space.

I know I will have to think long and hard if it goes up by that much. With the exchange rate going through the floor I can't just pop in and buy some Lindens either. 3 months ago we were getting $1.00AUD = $0.96USD. This week the Aussie dollar buys $0.61USD.

Well I suppose for now it's "wait and see."


Fuzzball Ortega said...

As for Steelhead's plans for an open sim, for now, Lunar will just stick to expanding Steelhead with full sims, and hold off on plans for the opensim...although I seriously doubt that the two planned Steelhead opensims will ever happen.

But.......wait and see.

Elfod Nemeth said...

if you want to say no to this change is pricing vote here: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-1776