Monday, 25 February 2008


I've built a couple of memorials in SL recently. The first was an addition to Tribute Island to commemorate one of my favourite comedians Dave Allen.

The man whose television show with its cigarettes, alcohol, religious commentary and swearing would barely pass the AO restrictions today, assuming it was even allowed on air.

The most recent was one that was more of a building project.

Based on the memorial to Charles Gordon from my RL home city:

I've ended up with this (though I still have one texture to finish):

I took the photos myself and converted them to textures. Each build teaches me a little more. Experience is the best teacher :-)


Emilly Orr said...


I became a fan due to Dave Allen at Large, and I still more than somewhat resent that I could probably scroll through the cable channels for a month solid, and find any number of repeats of Benny Hill shows, and not a single one of Dave Allen's. I shall have to track that down, that chair is so instantly recognizable. I adored his comedy, his flair, his deadpan wit. And most of all, his absolute fearlessness to do the material he wanted.

Wonderful you felt called to do this.

Diamanda Gustafson said...

OMG is that a pack of Gauloises Blondes? I used to smoke that stuff...

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

Yes they are. Dave Allen's cigarette of choice. I made the texture especially :-) You're welcome to have a pack if you want.

Corgi said...

[wibble] I never heard that he died, I swear I didn't. :( They used to air his show on my local PBS station (trimmed a bit, I'm sure) back... ages ago now. Before Auntie Beeb realised she could make fat money in exports.

He was wonderful. (And I never could stand Benny Hill, except in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)