Monday, 4 February 2008

Building post No. 2

When Radio Riel opened its doors in Caledon Penzance I was asked by Her Grace to make a n office, after she'd seen my work on my new shop.. It's been a while but between RL, other commissions and events I've finally finished my own newest building. Some are other's textures, some are modified textures and some are created the whole cloth by myself.

It should receive an official opening tomorrow.

External view

Front façade

Ground floor

New Broadcaster's Booth

First Floor offices

Our own broadcast tower (you'll have to look behind the stairs for the power source).


Christine McAllister said...

Well done my love! However, I don't see a small plaque with Pearse Architecture on it anywhere...

Emilly Orr said...


You should!

Reminds me, though. I should stop by in a day or so, see the building properly. Couldn't rez anything in yesterday, and today I was rather busy in and out of Penzance.

Now I should have a bit more time.

Gabrielle Riel said...

Saying "thank you" is simply not enough for the magnificent build that you created for Radio Riel Headquarters...

But I'll say it anyway.


This build is stunning and turned out even better than my wildest dreams. :-)

Audrey Fotherington said...

The building is beautiful. The customised windows must make your proud.Will fly over soon to see it.