Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Weta Rayguns

And while I am waxing lyrical on the wonders of RL steampunk, cast your eyes upon the advertisment for Weta Workshop's Rayguns:

Now if only I had some spare cash.


Zoe Connolly said...

Oh dear! I'm afraid I shan't be able to purchase any raygun at all. It would seem most of my disposable US dollars are now otherwise involved in SecondLife in some manner.

Perhaps there's an inworld solution to my raygun lust. Hmmmm

*begins search*

If not I may need to become a raygunsmithstress or some such.

Current Population: 2 said...


Want one.

Virrginia Tombola said...

OMG, the poor pony!

emillyorr said...

Ooh, yes, Miss Connolly, do get on that--rayguns are essential in some of the desperate wilds of the grid.

Sadly, I've never considered $690.00 in any wise a spare sum of cash. In some locales, that's been rent. :) However, they are very gorgeous pieces, thank you for sharing.

Neb said...

Ooohhhh! Spiffy! (Super advert., btw. Those guys are having waaaay too much fun). Sadly, the most I've ever paid for a gun is US$100, and that was for my trusty Colt Army. Good gun, only ever had one chain fire (while robbing a train, so served me right I guess). Seems like a lot of dough for a prop gun, but I'm sure they're nifty!