Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Radios, dancing, and Evil Alts

Friday night saw the official launch of Radio Riel a new SL broadcasting service of which I am proud to be a DJ.

The first few hours saw a respectable turnout with some great and interesting music being played.

Towards the end of my set in the third hour Our Beloved Guvnah arrives saying he want to test the sim's capacity for some Sooper Sekrit Event. So people started to arrive. As I handed over to Miss Figaro I think the sim had 50 people in it. We joked that she was going to continue the tradition of RR DJ's first performances crashing the sim. But about halfway through her set the sim had hit 100 people and those who crashed couldn't get back in. Best of all: NO SIM CRASH!

From there Christine and I head over to Steelhead for their weekly dance. This week's theme was come as your Evil Twin.

What could possibly be more removed from me?


Trailer Trash Eddie

And yes the FF cup blinged, blonde and bimboed next to me is my beloved Christine

And of course her dear [sister] Lunar

Evil Emilly

Fawkes as some sort of demonic abomination

Fuzzball Ortega and the Fuzzettes

The Evil Katt (I don't see what's so evil...)

I take a break from my hard work watching the game to yell at ask my Hunnies to git me a beah.

The vampiric neko evil Lumi

And since Tensai is *normally* evil she came as the image of sweetness and nicety. All she was missing was the Di$ney bag.

Saturday morning saw some more filming on what was hoped to be the last day of the Neualtenburg war. Sadly lag had other ideas.

It did however give us some amazing images of the Caledon fleet looming over the skyline.

Saturday night saw the birthday of Steelhead's very own Lupine Sheriff, Fuzzball Ortega. Theme for the night was TV & Movies and Fuzz's sister Angelica provided the music.

Fuzz as Cap'n Tightpants

Bring it on Addison

Ghostbuster Pearse, Dancin' Elda, Emilly Addams and a Spectral Christine


In the movies when the character slows down so they don't appear to move it's really cool, in SL it's called Lag.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

"Cap'n Tightpants".....OY. Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly/Serenity for any of your loyal readers who didn't know.....but I didn't get the skin to match. Sort of partial to my own.

The Caledon fleet looked awesome in the picture. Too bad Second Life screwed it up.

Edward Pearse said...

Cap'n Tightpants IS Malcolm Reynolds. But you knew that :-)

emillyorr said...

Edward! No wonder no one's seen you, in addition to all your other social duties, you've been moonlighting! I'm shocked! I never knew!


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