Friday, 15 June 2007

One more sleep...

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.

The chapel is decorated. My outfit is done. The music is organised. The reception is organised.

In the time since I have come to know this amazing woman she has slowly found a very special place in my life and in my heart.

It's been a rather hectic week with me being away for the weekend, then trying to get the Cavorite Flying Vehicle finished for the Steampunk Expo (which it's only in display readiness - still some bugs to work on) and then getting my outfit finished for Friday.

But this weekend will be worth it.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

Sir, as RL will keep me away from Caledon for the weekend, let me raise my glass and drink to your and your future wife's health, happiness and prosperity!


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

I am so looking forward to witnessing your handfasting. You are both so very special to me and my Second Life.

My love and best wishes to you both.


emillyorr said...


Not to taint the joy of the entry, may want to polish up your boots.

::hangs her head and walks away::