Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Raves, Romance, Neighbours, and Dancing

There's a saying that a week in SecondLife is a long time. How right they are.

About two weeks ago I took possesion of the NE corner plot in Caledon Cay and have made my home there. I was delighted to find that a new acquaintance and friend turned out to live at the opposite location in Mayfair with her older sister and her husband. The three of them have become quite good friends in such a short amount of time.

Miss Tombola doing her very best Agatha Heterodyne impersonation while delivering her entry to the Caledon Inventor's Fair (before it turned into a complete debacle).

The neighbouring island of IBM held a "rave" on the 10th and invited the Caledonians as well, as the Duchess of Carntaigh was providing the music. An odd choice of name for a social gathering though I suppose people who mistake the uniform of the Blues & Royals Cavalry for a Star Wars costume will have some odd ideas...

The Lady of Bardhaven, one of my new neighbours.

The Duchess of Carntaigh and Major Zuhal

The lovely Miss Scarlett Qi

Hypatia Callisto, noted skin and furniture designer from Caledon

Later that week I had begun decorating the interior of the house when my dear Miss McAllister returned from her trip. We sat and had a very long talk about our plans and dreams and I was overjoyed when she agreed to become my partner. We are officially a couple! I am a very lucky man.

From there we attended Oolon Sputnik's 400th birthday! I'm told it's an impressive number of years for a Gallifreyan. He's certainly doing exceptionally well by human standards! The theme for the night was Victorian SF so I wore my crash-helmet.

I also managed to be attacked by a vampire later in the evening. Thankfully judicious applications of garlic water and silver nitrate seemed to have staved off any long term effects. I have a feeling it's not the last I've seen of her though.

Steelhead held it's Friday night dance but had St Patrick's Day a day early.

Yours truly in a costume I acquired thanks to Miss McAllister's current fixation with prize chairs. And it won me Best Male and L$250 for my troubles!

Miss Emilly looking very elegant

Miss Figaro in a green flapper outfit

Qli and Fuzz

The following night Lady Amber held a St Patrick's Ball in the Moors, sadly I was very late but I still enjoyed myself that evening.

Dancing with Miss McAllister who looked stunning in a gown of very deep green.

Myself and Miss Kiralette, one of my neighbours from Mayfair and a very charming young lady.

I have recently been pondering the formation of a study. Caledon seems to be vastly over-represented by ladies with red hair (not that I'm complaining). It's been suggested that the overpowering odour of "bling and silicon" may have driven many from the mainland but I'm not entirely convinced. I think further study is needed.


Neb said...

Congratulations on your association with Miss. McAllister! I wish you both all the best. :-)

Qlippothic Projects said...

Congratulations to you and Miss McAllister!