Tuesday, 6 March 2007

A substantial backlog.

It doesn't seem that long since I put in an update but obviously it has been. SL has been rather a busy place. I've got a few photos to put up so please excuse the size of the post.

I am also in the process of transferring this blog from its old home at Livejournal (yes I have been seduced by the dark side). It's primarily so I don't have to keep signing in and out of LJ with my other account. Not that I been using either one terribly much of late. *Ahem*

These are primarily highlights of events. There have been other events and discussions of a more personal nature, some of which I'd rather not put up here.

Back in mid February, Steelhead's Friday night dance was themed "Best In Red".

And yes those are my wings closest to the frame. There are some who would say it was a chance for the real me to come out.

The next day Caledon had its Romance Ball. As Valentine's Day was falling on a Wednesday it was felt better to have a weekend event where more people could make it.

Unsurprisingly lots of red and white in the fashions for the evening.

Myself and Lady Amber.

With Miss Figaro

The ever charming Miss Cornelia Rothschild, wearing what appeared to be a electric illuminated gown

With whom I had a splendid time.

My dear friend Miss McAllister

Sometime later I was feeling in a somewhat reflective mood and managed to capture this image. If I had the foresight to compose myself better I think it would be a far better image.

Moon over Carntaigh

The following week was the Duchess of Carntaigh's Shakespeare Ball.

Myself and the delightful Miss Lobo

Who had a most impressive wingspan

And the lovely Miss McAllister

Her Grace of Loch Avie in an almost immodest gown.

Your truly picking up the prize for Best Dressed male at Steelhead's Chinese New Year celebrations.

The following week Steelhead was planning of having a Scottish theme for it's Friday night dance. I was rather disappointed with the fit of a kilt I had purchased from the Tartan shop, so rather than fiddle about trying to adjust the whole thing I decided to make my own.
Having been alerted to the existence of Ged Larson Looprez generator through Miss Zelmanov's exceptional Journal, I purchased a copy of the Personal Edition and set about making the kilt, then made a Montrose doublet and generally did the whole thing. Of the end result the only thing I wasn't really happy with were the shoes but I was using ones someone else made. Something to add to my list it seems. Due to my happiness with the end result I have now purchased the Commercial Edition and will soon be adding kilts to my range of men's outfits.

Myself in the finished outfit dancing with Miss Lumina

Some more of the colourful tartans from Steelhead.

Possibly my favourite photo of the night

I also wore the outfit to Caledon's Heritage Ball the following night. Sadly I was rather distracted that night and have very few photos of the event. I did finally get to meet Miss Ellison, the Ball's hostess, of whom I had heard so much.

With Miss Bryndal Ellison

Steelhead has been referred to by it's locals as the "Weird Wild West". You can probably see why. It's former Sheriff was a demon, one of the Managers is an 8' tall albino (who is also a were-tiger), his partner is a strange woman with a penchant for chickens, there are two Nekos and an assortment of other strange inhabitants.

You're never really sure who or what your likely to bump into.

Last weekend, Steelhead had an SF theme for there Friday night dance. This was one of better attended nights I've been to.

Aerial shot

Miss McAllister looking almost witchbalde

Miss Lunina showing her great... personality

Qlippothic Projects. Steelhead's resident mechanical golem. (I mentioned weird right?)

Finn & Addison

Miss Emilly as a green alien thingie

Your truly in a Star Wars inspired outfit

Mrs Peterman revealing her inner (?) nerd.

meQal & Melissa

And lastly as I had not been able to attend the pirate night, and due to there apparently being a severe lagg storm on the night there were bery few photos of anyone in pirate gear, though Mrs Peterman managed to get a few.
I thought it rather sad that there seemed to be no photos of the lady who won best Piratess on the night. So after a bit of searching we managed to find a nice pirate ship and set off to take some photos.

Cap'n Christine at the helm

Surveying the deck


Though we all know were Pirates will eventually end up. Unless they can bribe their way out of it.

In addition to all this there's been a business venture that arrived and dissapaited in a few days over a difference of opinion, but may well have turned into a land deal, some new friends, some new places and an increase into the items I need to finish for Pearse'd & Cut. Too many ideas and not enough time.


Qlippothic Projects said...

Welcome to Blogger, Captain Pearse! I see you have provided a link to my journal, I shall respond in kind. (Wierd? I reside equally as much in Caledon. Hmph.)