Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Seraph City sim surround

For years the edge of the Seraph City sim headed off into water. But being a pushy sod I bugged Pumpkin about it and finally said I'd give it a whirl myself. They're probably a bit primmier than I'd like but it may be that rerendering them in mesh may reduce the land impact further.

Until then we at least have an immersive feel to being inside a city. I think it will help a lot with photography too.

Eastern sim wall looking north.

Southern sim wall looking west

Northern sim wall looking west

Ronald's Rayguns. Might need a bit more work

Llama Cigarettes. Inspired by the billboard ad from The Shadow

Lucky Break Cigarettes. From a Lucky Strike original


Asil said...

This looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what it will do when you render it into mesh.
What I don't like about the SIM-surround prims we've tried is it makes the SL map-view muddy, so you can't see the actual terrain map on the land level. It doesn't look like that's happened with this project, so standing ovation! []

RF said...

A great idea and great execution! Its a nice bonus to not see the "vast unknown" by the Empire Club (now just an alley for hitherto questionable goings on)! Thanks guys!

Blogger said...
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