Monday, 5 November 2012

Babbage Travelogue: Academy of Industry

The Academy of Industry sim is in it's second incarnation. Originally a sim by the same name went in shortly after Wheatstone rezzed but it was short lived. The current sim landed in 2009 and has helped Vic Mornington in his OCD need to rebuild his hotel every 6 weeks or so.

Kusshon Furniture and the garden

Savory Street Shops

Pelham V. Shockley Biologics Institute

Whitfield Hall - Poetic Colors artificial eyes

Brunell Hall. Or at least this week's version. Seems to be updated every couple of months.

The Academy of Industry, from which the sim takes its name.

The Coco-Java Cafe

Mr. Panache's work in progress

Sovereign House - home of Mornington Photography

Mr. Franklin's home

Miss Ginsburg's Home

Ruthorford Park

New Babbage Literary Academy

Ms. Junie's Clackerspace and Mornington Fangirl Headquarters

New Babbage's third cemetery

The Palisade Wall, looking east.

Rear shops for the Coco Java

Laboratoire Paderborn

The Forsythe Estate