Thursday, 1 November 2012

New Babbage Travelogue: Babbage Palisade

Babbage Palisade was the 5th of the New Babbage sims to arrive. Over the years it's been home to a bordello, the original spot for Coco-Java, Stormhaven, and Gatsby Szuster's original house before its burnt remains were replaced by the gasworks.

Palisade Gate and the airship mooring tower and Mr. Collins' balloon.

The Wall's clockwork guards

The weaponry really makes you wonder what enemies are out there

Primbroke Manor. Home to myself and Christine since the closure of Edison

Miss Ying's Gardens

Gatsby Suzter's gasworks

Gatsby Suzter is one of the few people brave enough to live outside the city walls. Mad cows, rogue weasels and all sorts of terrors abound.

The main Railway station of New Babbage. "Never get off the train in Bump."

The Lubezki Mansion

Her Dark Materials

The Wulfenbach Consulate for New Babbage

Ying Research Company

The Void park. Technically not IN the sim but you can rest on the benches if you need a little personal time.

Pearse'd & Cut. Flagship store for a fine gentlemen's clothier. Based on the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.

Graves Investigations. Home to Miss Wallis Graves

Victory Hall Theatre

Bec Janus' house, Maison Horta inspired by the Musée Horta in Brussels.

Kiergarten Armoury

Clockwork Close. Home of the Brass Monkey pub, the Minions Union, and the Automaton Service Centre

The Aether Salon. Built on the border of Babbage Palisade and Academy of Industry allowing for equal distribution of lag.