Friday, 19 August 2011

Seraph City Soapbox Derby!

Seraph City will be hosting its first ever Soapbox Derby! There will be trophies for:
-Fastest Looking
-Best Looking
-Most Original
-Most Dieselpunk

Guidelines for entry:

* 30 prims
* in a dieselpunk or general 30's theme
* does not have to be drivable though there will be an exhibition race on Saturday
* number of entries will be limited by the number of prims the city has available on the showcase plot, so don't delay!

The showcase is set up to display entries across from the Java Jive.
There will be stock soapbox cars in a rezzer to race starting Thursday, with prizes given to the top 3 track times.
This is the first event where bribes will not be accepted!
So get those wheels turning and wrenches polished up for some small scale action!