Saturday, 6 August 2011

Exploring SF on the grid: Jupiter 2

This post almost borders on advertising more than an exploration but bear with me.

Most people will be familiar with the 60s TV series Lost In Space, which effectively became a space version of the Swiss Family Robinson. Sadly the initial villain of the piece, Dr. Smith, was turned into a parody of itself becoming more camp than a Boyscout Jamboree.

Jupiter 2 landed on the planet Preplanus.

Piloting and Life Support stations

Computers and the elevator to the lower deck

Lower Deck and The Robot.

A cute touch with some vintage reading material (the centre of plagiarism claims over who "created" Lost In Space).

The Jupiter 2 is a lovely build, if a little static. You can buy you own copy of the ship if you want to set up and RP sim as well as copies of the outfits from the series. (Mmmmm velour).

Jupiter II