Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Competition is a healthy thing

Economists tell us that competition is a healthy thing. If that's the case then I've been getting in a little exercise recently.

Firstly was Seraph City's Soapbox Derby. Unfortunately my best time on the cart was a good 10 seconds behind the winning time, and that was with settings dropped down to their bare minimum to help with lag. I did however pick up the award for "Most Dieselpunk"

It's red so it goes faster. And fins!

This one didn't win anything but it gave me a little nostalgic buzz from when I use to build these as a kid.

Most recently I participated in the Wulfenbach Consulate Tiny Regatta.

The survivors.

Some entrants had crashed, and a swag of people came along to watch. Speed was never a problem. Turning in time to make the canal corner WAS. At the end I managed third place.

The trophy haul.