Saturday, 31 October 2009

The actual Primgraph Press

Back in June I finished the offices for the Primgraph Press. At the time it was mused that it would be lovely if the Primgraph actually did have a Press.

In my spare time since I've dabbled with creating one. I had very little knowledge of how one worked. I knew how a Gutenberg press worked and I'd seen some very modern presses that sped a newspaper through in a matter of seconds. But, thanks to the aetherweb I have a far better understanding of how a 19th century press works.

Today however I was able to deliver to Miss Saffia the finished product. The Primgraph now has a scripted printing press to add that little extra flavour to the offices.

A very special thanks to Professor Avalanche for helping with the scripting.


Ceejay Writer said...

It's absolutely wonderful!