Saturday, 10 October 2009

Breakfast in Babbage - Schpooky Edition

This weekend's Breakfast in Babbage will be a double event. In addition to the usual collection of odd music and brain melting, it will also be Edward Pearse's 3rd Rez Day.

To help you get in the mood for the upcoming Hallowe'en festivities the music will be of the schpooky variety.

Join us at The Clarendon in New Babbage from 8am to 10am this Saturday or tune in at

Also, due to the slow creep of Daylight Savings, this will be the last Breakfast in Babbage. Watch this space for the time for next month's event ("Brunch" perhaps?)


Christine McAllister Pearse said...

Happy Rez-day my dearest! All the best to you!