Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Fictional Influences for the character of Edward Pearse

Jumping on the meme bandwagon I've added some information about the fictional influences behind Edward Pearse. While Edward is not a full RP character there are elements about him that were influenced but other ideas. He didn't turn out to be quite the rogue that he was intended to be, but then there's still scope to change that :-)

Name. His name came from The Great Train Robbery. A novel and movie full of the dealings of ne'er do wells in Victorian London.

A little bit of malice from Doctor Who's The Master. Admittedly the Derek Jacobi mad scientist wasn't around when Edward started but the idea has crept in.

A healthy dose of Phileas Fogg from The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. The visual in this series were great even if the stories were usually pretty lame.

And there's been some discussion recently about what sort of voice you imagine your AV to have. While Edward is a Scotsman he's not Billy Connolly (or David Tennant for that matter.) I imagine his voice as something more like another Scot - Ian Richardson.