Thursday, 13 November 2008

Voices in the Machine podcast the second

Episode 2 of Voices in the Machine is now online and ready for your listening pleasure.

Recorded November 6, 2008 (recorded sooner than our hoped-for biweekly schedule), Gabi, Fuschia, Nix and myself discuss the November 5, 2008 announcement by Linden Research updating changes in policy and pricing for Open Space sims.

And I stammer more due to trying to wake up during the recording :-)


Rhianon Jameson said...

Because of some Real Life (TM) constraints and a certain amount of technical incompetence on the part of my typist, it was not until today that I could listen to the first two episodes of this wonderful podcast. I have now severely rebuked my typist for not doing so earlier.

Though much of the subject matter of the first two episodes was a little downcast, the interplay among the four principals seems so natural - like a chat between four friends. (And Miss B. sounds exactly the way I imagined she would - with the same off-the-cuff wicked humor that she has on ISC Chat.)

I look forward to the next installment!