Sunday, 9 November 2008

From Fuschia with Love - The Spy Who Lagged Me

The evil Pixie and the Professor had another of their stunning parties last night. Usually I'm busy sleeping at such times but with the change in Daylight Savings Time for everyone I've now moved 2 hours back from where I was relative to SL.

Dancing around Sharks with fricken lasers.

I caught the last hour of the party and enjoyed it immensly. It was nice to see Professor Avalanche again. Haven't seen him in ages.

I'll also have to set up a suitable photoshoot with the nifty new "spy" poses. I think my gift of the shark pool will turn up at Steelhead's Bond theme dance next week. :-)

Miss Emilly has some better pictures as she had her camera busy snapping.

The next one is "Bedknobs and Boomsticks". Based on that I've suggested that the Pixie will be played by Angela Lansbury and the Professor by Bruce Campbell. Should be fun!


Emilly Orr said...

Still can't believe they had laser sharks. LASER SHARKS!

But I can now paper my walls with faux-Bond movie posters. Hee!