Sunday, 16 November 2008

Shaken not Stirred

Steelhead had its weekly dance last night and for the first while in a long time I was able to make the party.

This week the theme was Bond, James Bond.

There were Bond Girls, villains and Bond clones out in force. A great turnout and an impressive line up of music from Sheriff Fuzz.

A very good turnout for the night

Yours truly as Hugo Drax, a little something I whipped up that afternoon.

My dear Christine as "Maple Sugar". We're trying to find out if there's ever been a Canadian Bond Girl. Maybe James doesn't like Canadians.

Kamilah grooves to the tunes.

Kara Timtam practices at being Shark Bait. Sharks with fricken lasers.

Miss Eladrienne gets up to some High Jinx.

The Tanarian of the Davies sisters shows off her new wheels. The dropbear had to get one as well. Vrooom!

Hawc DeCosta in the Bond Barrel tunnel I built for the evening. Special thanks to Professor Avalanche for the free poses given away at "The Spy Who Lagged Me" party the week before.

The Baron shows his sparkiness with a Q jacket.

Fuzz wears the pimp-hat I sent him after his announcement about Steelhead Port Harbor.

"No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!" Wonderful scenery for the night.

Steelcobra and his huge Fist of Doom.

Even the Jägers were getting into the feel.