Sunday, 31 August 2008

Exploring SF on the grid Part III

The Babylon 5 Experience. Babylon 5 station has slowly evolved from a corner of a mainland sim to having two full sims of their own. I don't know if the aim is to eventually build the whole station, but they've gone an impressive distance to far.

Located in the Epsilon 3 and Epsilon Eridani sims, the Bab 5 station hovers high above the planet surface.

The Zocalo is a retail centre where you can find all manner of Babylon 5 and other SF outfits and ships.

View from one of the meeting rooms aboard B5.

Command & Control (or "C&C") the heart of operations on Babylon 5.

Chambers of the Interstellar Alliance

MacBari's: That even in the future some things stay the same.

The newly installed rail car let's you travel from one sim to the next.

The layout boasts security rooms, alien environments, rentable quarters, medical labs and an a variety of levels from the show. Friday nights are RP nights, but they have various things happening outside that from time to time.

For some reason the idea of Security Chief Garribadger stuck in my head during one of the conversations. I'm waiting for Raglan to invade the sim and see what the result is :-)