Monday, 25 August 2008

Changes to Steelhead

It's been many months since my typist's work roster was changed, preventing him from attending most of the social events in Steelhead. As a result my visits to Rosehaven or to the Pearse'd & Cut outlet in Steelhead rarely take me beyond their doors.

Recently after adding some new merchandise I noticed the footpath out the front of the shop had seen some work and it was then I remembered that some of the old underground tunnels from Ambertown had been excavated.

I think the cultists' Egyptian temple has long since been cleared away but it would be nice to see them join up with the tunnels under Boomtown.

As I was investigating I noticed that the Kokopelli stage has also seen a facelift. More trees and less brick, though the trumpeters have been kept.

The interior of the Steelhead Ballroom and Hotel has also undergone a facelift. The new carved panels and timber floors give it more of the feel of old world charm and style. You can almost feel the waltz as you walk through the door now.

Steelhead has changed greatly from the rustic frontier town is used to be. The discovery of silver and the growing market for "guard turkeys" has obviously been of huge benefit to Steelhead's growing wealth.

Congratulations to Lunar for his continuing work on the booming growth of Steelhead.