Monday, 28 July 2008

Caledon welcomes four new sims

The Caledon Tectonic Guild have been hard at work again after their recent break. Thankfully the seismic shocks didn't damage my little undersea settlement.

Firstly, the only only one of the four new sims that had been officially announced. Though our dear Guv is known for sending out comment on group chat when others of us are asleep or something.

Caledon Windemere, finishing up the southern aspects of Caledon.

Then there was the first of the "Surprise Sims", my new neighbour: Caledon Dundee.

Caledon Oxbridge, an extension of Nova Civis Caledon and home to the University of Caledon Oxbridge. The Harry Potter RPers should be arriving any day now.

And lastly Caledon Westmoreland, linking the nation of Caledon to Brightfield.
This one will be dubbed something to do with teeth as soon as I have time to sit down and think of something appropriate.