Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Antipodean Winter

The nation of Victoriana celebrated Yule in July for those of us caught in the antipodes and "suffering" through winter at the moment. Well *I* think 4 degrees is cold. My brain just doesn't comprehend this -35 stuff.

Anyway. My Duchess and I headed over to enjoy the sights and to see if I could pretend that my careening out of control teakettle on the ice was not aiming for Mayor Lindsay. I even had a tiny kitten run out to view the shiny car and manage to only just survive a close brush with an axel.

Sadly RL kept me away from the Yule Ball but I hear it was a good night.

For those of you wanting to indulge in snowball fights and chipmunk carolling the Winter in July lasts a few more days.