Thursday, 3 January 2008

Welcome to 1888*

In one of Caledon's most ambitious events, the Many Midnights Ball ran almost continuously for 20 hours. Beginning at 5:00 AM SLT with myself presenting the music, we welcomed in the various Australian New Years Eve times. Starting with the Melbourne/Sydney, then to Adelaide, and finally Brisbane. Apologies to both of the Perth people I know for not sticking around for Perth NY.

The Gaiety stage showing the four clocks and the relative times of each of the major locations.

Refreshments and tables provided by Rosehaven Recipes and the lovely Countess Primbroke.

Guests at the Australian Ball danced away the time...

...until the clock chimed midnight and the balloons dropped!

After that I went off to bed and let my Darling Duchess take over the music.
I dropped back in for for the London dance, and again for the New York party where my dear wife was busy performing Hostess duties.

I didn't manage to steal a dance with her despite the lag.

Even a rather handsome drop-bear came out to party with the revellers.

A guid New Year to ane an` a` and mony may ye see!

Happy Hogmanay and a prosperous New Year to all.

*While the discussion of exactly when Caledon is has inspired much discussion, I've opted for a time keeping practice of setting the month and date, with the same numeral of the current year but opting for a late Victorian date setting. It's a touch of Theme that allows for letters to be passed between those who follow a similar path.


Emilly Orr said...

ECtually, the Sydney/Adelaide ball started off at four ayem SLT. :)

I did that one, missed London, (though picked up at the end of the auction and the beginning of New York), then whiled away some hours, and came back for the eleven pm to one ayem San Francisco ball that ended the day.

Ball over, you left, left your music running--which carried *surprisingly* well--and I ended up, for no real reason, staying until three-thirty, when the last diehards decided to go home. I didn't *have* to, but I was having fun, and dancing off and on, so why not?

There may have been an overabundance of champagne...but such is life on New Years'. :)