Friday, 17 August 2012

Babbage Travelogue: The Vernian Sea

The second in a series of entries exploring the various buildings of the City State of New Babbage.

The Vernian Sea. Installed in November of 2007, the Vernian Sea was the fourth of New Babbage's sims. Inspired by two large underwater tunnels built for the RFL 2007 track the Vernian Sea is the reason that New Babbage's land mass defaults to 100 metres rather than the usual 23.

 The tunnels still exist and connect the undersea dwellings to the Port Babbage sea lift.

More recently made into a homestead. the Vernian Sea is home to two significant builds.

 The Lotus of the Sea Gallery. Originally built by Kandace Commons, and maintained by Breezy Carver since 2008.

 It's hosted exhibitions, balls, wedding anniversary's and was even part of the recent Pub Crawl.

 Small mischievous kittens even have their own submarines: The Mewtalus peaks through a window

The interior is lushly appointed and looks wonderful.

The other build is Beq Janu's Aegir's  Hall. Named for the Norse God of the Sea, it's a lovely creation that takes delight in it's underwater location.

 Sporting some excellent octopus motifs on the wrought iron frame work, there's lots of small details to look out for.

 Even the seahorse submersibles are fun.

 There's even a working airlock for when people can't fit through the moon pool.

 More recently a kelp farm has been added to the build. Perhaps farming this natural resource can be used to vary the diet of wiggyfish in New Babbage.

There's even guard sharks to keep away the too curious explorer.

While Port Babbage and Clockhaven have large port areas, there's not a lot below the surface.


Breezy Carver said...

Big smile .. Oh Dickens shall be most pleased you took note to his beloved ... "Mewtalus" He so takes pride in his "Mew Toys" .. but you missed the Snailaphonts just outside they are quite special :)
Thank you Duke it is always Lovely to see The Lotus enjoyed :)
Always Breezy