Thursday, 23 August 2012

Babbage Travelogue: Clockhaven

Next on our travelogue of New Babbage is the Clockhaven sim. Considered part of the "Old City" the layout is more built up with narrower streets than the rest of Babbage and a less gridlike layout. The architecture too is supposed to reflect an older style.

Wide shot of Clockhaven from the Vernian Deep.

The Clockhaven lighthouse. 

The end of the City Wall. I still wonder what enemies Babbage has seen in the past to call for the mounting of Tesla Canons on the wall.

Dark 'N' Crazy's shipyard warehouse. Be careful of the safe.

The only section of Babbage that could be called "beach". Complete with clockwork turtles.

Dark 'n' Crazy Furniture Designs

The Old Brewery - also part of the Dark 'N' Crazy group

Topical Julian Assange crate in front of the Dark 'N' Crazy Vehicle outlet

Madville Textures

The Steamjunk.

Corner of the bay with Rip Wirefly's Sculptify, the Clockhaven Aquarium and Fullerton House (containing Mornington Photography). Fullerton house is well into the double figures when it comes to interior redesign but might be Victor's least rebuilt building. And if you happen to see penguins roaming the streets of New Babbage, they're out for an evening stroll from the aquarium.

Satu's Sushi barge. Now with shaved ice treats!

Clockhaven Market Square. Grim Bros., Baroquen Ethic, Miss Sheryl Skytower's book outlet and Steadman Kondor Publishing.

Alchemic Agility and Vrai Vert owned by Dr, Cyberusfaustus

 Some Babbagers are quite keen on their gardening and will set up a glass house in the strangest places.

Curious shop "Yooma Guijin Dou"

 Doagrun Road

Mechanics Mews

The New Babbage Militia offices and one of the entrances to the Babbage sewers.

 The Red Rum Cave. May now hold the title of the smallest pub in New Babbage.

 Clock of the Red Rum Cave. Put up by a demented mathematician The Clockwinder

Miss Avarial Falcon's power station. Bringing electricity to New Babbage

 The entrance to the Gangplank and the stairs of Southgate Road
The Seven Sisters Emporium

Prince Dakkar Boulevard looking east. Wexhome's Wonderous Wares Emporium on the left and Dark 'n' Crazy's antique furniture section on the right.

The Emporium also contains Babbage's only Kinoscope. Though I've never seen anything screened there.

Miss Erica Fairywren's Electrics & Scientific Company

Unnamed building in progress.

The Palaeozoic Museum and Velvet Snare Gallery. The Museum was originally located in Babbage Square and had some difficulties with the exhibits coming to life. Thankfully this new location is without incident.

The recently installed Port Babbage tram runs from Clockhaven all the way down to the end of Bow Street in the Babbage Canals.

A monument to Titus O'Drum, the builder of the City's very first public clock way back in 1485