Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Rookery, Clockhaven

Some while ago I bought one of the last plots in Clockhaven on a whim. I've since been throwing together a small maze in my little pocket of the city.

The building consist of the Tudor building on the left through to the brown brick building on the right.

The arched alleyway and the entrance to the Pawnbrokers. It needs a name though. Maybe I.M. Hocking & Co.

Inside the Pawnbrokers.

It's still being built. I've set aside space for Christine to have an outlet of Rosehaven Recipes in there, I'm working on a flat for a tiny, and the connecting section to the Undercity.

But I'm enjoying building it. It's even been suggested to me that someone may wish to rent the upstairs rooms.

In the mean time I've starting work on Ho Ping's place in Steelhead Shanghai. Oriental building is new to me so this will be interesting.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Yes, that was a very nice build, sir.

And I'm glad that you're working on Ho Ping's build. Maybe soon, we can meet the elusive fellow. From what I understand, the transaction for the lot was done through a law firm in San Francisco.