Sunday, 7 December 2008

Moving a dream

The last of the items were being taken down from the walls, the paintings slotted into their packing cases, the stuffed animals into teachests, the furniture covered in dust cloths.

"Your Grace?"

I looked up at the metallic voice of Gears, his servant's livery obscured most of his burnished copper body but his tick was almost as distinctive as my own.

"Yes Gears?"

Gears stepped forward and handed me a small packet. "These are the photographs you took after the move was announced sir."

Looking down at the envelope I sighed heavily. "Thank you Gears." He nodded a left to continue with the packing. I opened the envelope and proceeded to clip through the photos. "We certainly have improved photography with the Prokudin-Gorskii camera," I said to myself. "A vast improvement over Daguerre's work."

The main bridge from Penzance

Looking across the Harbour

Guardian unicorn

The underwater tunnels with the ballroom just behind Neptune.


Inside the tunnels

Inside the Mooring Tower

The front steps of Primbroke Manor

I smiled sadly and closed the packet again placing it in the box with the contents of my desk. Hearing soft steps coming towards me I turned to see my dear Christine. Her apron showed signs she had been organising things in the attic, as did the tell-tale wisps of escaping red hair. Kissing her gently, I said before she had a chance to say anything "No, there has been no news on the new home." Christine narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips.

"I didn't even ask this time," Christine replied.

Holding her close I simply said "soon."