Monday, 15 December 2008


Aberdon Enigma and Fauve Aeon welcome you to their home in the Highlands for Holiday Event and Celebration Soirée, Sunday December 14th from 2-4 pm SLT at the lovely Aobhach House in the Stained Glass Ballroom, sweetly decorated for the Season to benefit the SL Shakespeare Company in their ongoing goal to raise 6 months of tier for the Globe Theatre Sims to continue their astonishing undertaking of presenting quality, fully staged short productions of Shakespeare's works in a recreation of the original Globe Theatre.
Join us for a special performance of The Victorian-esque Caledon Edition of a Skit by a SL Shakespeare Co. Actor:
"The Strange Transformation of Lucianus to Claudius and Others"

Caledon's own Duke of Argylle, Edward Pearse, of Radio Riel, will be spinning a very special mix with period music and some recordings of local historical reenactors playing as well, something entirely new for your dancing pleasure.

Silent and Live auctions will be presented for the following unique, limited and special items, many details and wonderful PIX in the notecards! Come and win for yourself something precious and special and help a very worthy endeavor as well. Oh yes, and BOOGIE :D

...and a few more surprises