Thursday, 1 May 2008

We had hardly finished moving the boxes into the Highlands when I was advised that a substantial tract of land had become available, not in our beloved Caledon as we had hoped but in our good neighbour of Winterfell. As circumstances would happen my dear Christine had just headed abroad. Communications were limited but through telegrams and letters I managed to communicate the basics of the situation. It was an opportunity too good to pass by.

On the land was a very large manor house, which is quite a bit larger than Davaar. Christine is contemplating the gardening opportunities, while we both try to remember the layout of the new place. Once we get things sorted we'll be organising a housewarming. But do feel free to drop by in the meantime. The sailing is quite good!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Winterfell... I look forward to seeing biplanes, tunnels and more....