Sunday, 4 May 2008

Tiny dogfights - aftermath

This evening those insomniac among us brave few souls launched into the skies.

A rather tall observer Miss Nika Dreamscape, myself, Air Marshall Connolly, Squadron Leader Laval and a rather naked Nix Sands bidding us bon voyage.

The Krimson Koala swoops for the kill. Though I do hope the scrape of red paint won't show on the airship I clipped pulling out of the dive.

Cornelius "Bulldog Drummond" Fanshaw in a face off

"Foxy" Connolly whips past after having made several holes in my plane

"Cuckoo" Gustafson swings about for return fire

Free for all

After eventually being shot down twice the call of RL dinner bade me pack my wings and head off. Many thanks to those who stayed (or got up for) a bit of fun. It's certainly something I'd love to do again!


Zoe Connolly said...

That was indeed great fun, sir.

We will most definitely schedule more dogfights for our friends around the globe :)