Monday, 28 April 2008

The longest wedding

Friday evening SLT I was in attendance for the nuptuals of Her Grace, The Duchess of Middlesea and His Grace, The Duke of Greystoke. There was a little delay (as these things invariably do) and as the bride to be walked over the threshold of the chapel, the world caved in. Us an and about 30,000 other users were suddenly booted from SL.

Some 26 hours later we tried again. Thankfully all was well this time around.

The redoubtable Groom, Gnarlihotep Abel

The blushing bride, Gloire Thibaud

Vows exchanged

Love proclaimed.

On behalf of Lady Primbroke and myself I wish the Duke and Duchess the very best for their life together.

May your sims be lag free and your avatars never ruth.