Thursday, 27 February 2014

Happy 8th Anniversary Caledon

Congratulations to Desmond Shang and the many, many, many people who have called Caledon home over the years. I arrived in Second Life specifically after hearing "Caledon" had landed a new sim. Having only the vaguest idea what Second Life was and only that Caledon was a Steampunk/Victorian community I arrived about 8 months after Caledon started. By then the sixth sim had just arrived (Caledon Cay) and within a few weeks I had paid a deposit on my very first virtual land -  the south-west corner of Caledon Victoria City.

While I moved away from Caledon many years ago it holds a special place for me as the reason I decided to give Second Life a go in the first place. It also allowed me to meet a great many wonderful people including the most special of them all, my dearest Christine.

Caledon's 8th Anniversary Ball
While Caledon has lost a little weight since its heyday (like much of the rest of SL) it is a testament to the hard work of Desmond and the Caledon community that it is still strong eight years later.