Monday, 4 February 2013

Radio Riel HQ rebuild

Previously the building that was the headquarters for Radio Riel was built some 5 years ago for Caledon Penzance. It moved twice more before coming to rest in Seraph City. While I am proud of what I did with the building at the time I felt it needed an upgrade.

Originally the new building was going to be based on the WJR Radio transmitter building in Detroit. But some discussions about the influence of Egyptian Revival on 1920s & 30s architecture inspired me to go for another look. So far I haven't seen any other 1920s sims that have an Egyptian Revival building. I'd certainly enjoy seeing more, even if not in so flamboyant a style.

This building has taken inspiration from Egyptian movie theatres as well as Egyptian style Masonic Temples. The Egyptian Theatre in Boise, Idaho being the most direct influence on the colour scheme. It's not completely finished yet: the power room needs some work and I plan on upgrading the broadcast booth.

But I'm quite pleased with things like the mesh railing around the stairs. 2 prim land impact for the section above!

Remember to check out the hieroglyphics in the foyer! Radio Riel Headquarters