Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Exploring Venexia

Venexia is a vampiric Venice in a world where vampires are the ruling class and humans are intelligent cows. The Venexia Skyline St. Mark's Basilica, Venexia The Basilica interior. Island of the Elders The Slaughtered Lamb. (American backpackers beware) Chapel interior of the Nosferati The canals. My first thought when I was told about a "Vampires in Venice" sim was that someone had taken the idea from the Doctor Who episode "The Vampires of Venice". So far no underwater aliens lurking in the canals but you never know.

 I went to Venexia to look at the architecture and was surprised to discover two of my friends were residents there. I was given a tour and the couple of other residents we encountered were very polite. If I'd seen this 15 years ago I would have been there in a flash. Now I'm not sure vampire RP is my thing.

It is an amazing build though, and the rather maze-like layout would take a short while to come to terms with. They're happy for visitors to come by, just make sure you wear a visitor tag.

Drop by Venexia. It's to die for.


AmberLyssa Marie said...

It was great to have you visit, I was glad to see you, and happy you enjoyed your tour!