Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nemo's Treasure Hunt

Long time SL building legend Aley Arai/Arcadia Asylum has created a Nemo inspired underwater treasure hunt. As Arcadia she is best known for her collection of Hobo related freebies. As Aley she's best known for the mindblowingly awesome Privateer Space Sim.
Her underwater sim contains 20 treasure chests which give out random freebies from the build. The chests reset every 4 hours and there's well over 20 different gifties. As is usual with her stuff, all of the freebies are full perm so you can incorporate bits into your own builds if you want.

Some of the items include:

A Tunnelling Machine

Jellyfish (in this case, guava flavoured).

Sea Dragons

Nautilus vs. Giant Squid (not sure if the squid is a freebie yet, but the sub is)

Dirigible Chickens

Sea Cows

The Kraken

Merbunnehs. Yes you read that right

Nemo's Basehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Catfish. Yep.
There's also other items like dive suits, Gilligan's record player, Nautilus follower pets (both fish and submarine varieties) and assorted fish.

Aley's Nemo Treasure Hunt is located at LEA11.