Friday, 4 November 2011

Pics from Halloween

Halloween at the Seraph Club was a success this year and I'm only disappointed it last such a short time. Before you know it winter will be here and Christmas hard on its heels.

The Seraph Club looking a little dilapidated and with a condemned notice on the front door

Erica Fairywren and Jed Dagger

Widow Alora in one of the more gruesome outfits of the night

Miss Ahnya

Rafael & Breezy

Operator Zero

Joy Tremor doing the whole mad scientist thing

Tequila Krovac

Dido Belle and Da5id Abbot

Galactic Baroque and Tesla Tripsa

Erica Fairywren in a rather lovely stole

Foxy Bianca

Kujura Hancroft

Rip Wirefly as the biggest Boogie of them all

Kaylee who seemed to be missing an arm

Christine being charmed by my devilish good looks

Serafina Puchkina

Apologies to those I missed.