Monday, 17 October 2011

New Barmaid for the Seraph Club

To cope with the upcoming Halloween party at the Seraph Club I've organised a new barmaid for the club.

Her name is Maria. Rumour has it she can be a bit of a tart.

(Maria is actually a 22 prim AV made by the legendary Aley Arai of Privateer Space Sim fame. Her freebies are better than some stuff people charge lindens for.)


Lelani Carver said...

I remember Miss Aley Arai, and her amazing Privateer Space sim well!

Here's a link to a photo of a small build she rezzed in one of the NCI sandboxes. It was called "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" and was very faithful; it was in a megaprim dome so that once inside you were "on Mars."

This dates from 2007, about a month after my rezzday. Not long after this, she handed out landmarks to Privateer Space and I took photos there, too. Will have to see if I uploaded them and if not, remedy that omission!

Your Maria looks very competent, bet she's very good at the sorts of drinks that must be shaken, not stirred.

Edward Pearse said...

I posted photos of the Privateer Space sim in Feb of 2008.

But Miss Aley is back in SL occasionally. A great deal of her items from the Privateer sim are now part of the Arcadia Asylum Museum. I've got one of her robot bellhops looking after the cloakroom at the club.