Monday, 18 July 2011

RFL Over For Another Year

RFL has been put to bed for another year.

As always though, there were some outstanding efforts on the build front.

I'll start with New Babbage. While I didn't assist in building this year I did watch them grow piece by piece.

An alternate New Babbage (that ended up being nicknamed "George" after a very silly group chat discussion). About the size of a full sim.

The Merryman pub, named after Greg Merryman, a former Babbagite who passed away a little over a year ago.

Interior of the pub. The Art Nouveau Squid wallpaper is brilliant!

The Vole & Urchin. This one made me chuckle. There were at least 4 pubs in the display sim. Anyone would think Babbagers were fond of a drink.

Street scene along the canal.

A little further up was the New Babbage Hope Factory

Run by numerous little clockworks (who uttered some very funny comments as you explored)

All working to build Hope for distribution around the world.

Just next door to the Babbage City build was one from the Doctor Who team. Based on last year's Christmas Special, complete with cab shark flying around the windows.

Friends Fighting Cancer put up a suitably Norse build with Odin and Frigg looking on.

Harmony Hope's giant snowglobe build.

The Steelhead Salmons' classical arches.

With a ghostly couple dancing in the background.

The Aether Chrononauts' Chapel of Hope (which was also up for auction).

The Relay Wizards' team build which featured a lovely wizards tower full of books and cats.

Jara Jowell’s Tornado for Life, which caused a minor controversy.

The Green Lantern Corp went in for landscaping this year.

A rather stunning build from the BOSL Relay team.

The Great Pyramid in RFL Dedication.

Who get bonus brownie points from me for getting the interior chambers right.

The Armada Breakaway build

Pacifique Park: a foliage intense build.

JLU's team build

Team Caledon's seaside holiday build.

Possibly one of the largest relayers walking the track.

Kayle Matzerath's stunning forest build. It won first place in the designer sim awards.

Ministry of Dance's fun Beach party build, with all the cheerers in synched dance at the front.

Cameron Trenchcoat's beautiful Carnival build

A simple build, yet suddenly you feel about an inch tall.

Gorean RFL Teams' build the Tree of Life. Whatever your opinions of their RP choices, these guys certainly pull out the big guns when it comes to fundraising for RFL.

The RFL of SL Committee build

Team OD's haunted build featuring a skeletal rock band. Around the band was a series of tombstones for musicians who had died from cancer

Alia Baroque's giant tower

Which brings us full circle. Congratulations to all those who helped build, organise, placate, coordinate or otherwise participate in RFL for 2011.


Azul said...

Thank you for the tour Edward. RL prevented me from participation (but not donation) this year.

Junie Ginsburg said...

Fantastic pics. I had no idea there was more to the NB build than the Hope factory. *facepalm*