Monday, 3 January 2011

Exploring SF on the grid: Starbase 11

I used to be a big Star Trek fan. I still am in many respects though Deep Space 9 was where I started losing interest. However I'm enough of a fan to recognise the amount of work that has gone into building Starbase 11.

Starbase 11

Starbase 11 from the Original series episode "Court Martial" (retouched from the rerelease DVD collection)

Star Trek has been pretty big on SL. Though sims have come and gone over the years you can always track down a Trek RP sim somewhere.

View from the orbiting shuttle dock.

Transporter room (with the NOMAD probe from the episode "The Changeling")

Living quarters on Starbase 11 are finely detailed

The local flora has been recreated to match.

Screen with an image taken from the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual a fan publication from the 80s.

Even down to getting the food from the original series correct.

There's even a Starship Enterprise for you to explore.

Enterprise corridor

The famous bridge of the starship

Scotty would be proud.

It's an impressive build and certainly helps for setting the scene for any Trek based role-playing. Even if you're not a hard core Trek fan the sim is worth exploring. The build is top notch. Kudos to all the people who have helped to put it together.