Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hill Valley 2015

Back in 2008 someone made an excellent go of recreating Back to the Future's Hill Valley from 1955.

Photo by GoSpeed Racer

This time round Latok Neumann has recreated Hill Valley in its 2015 incarnation.
BakaBots (185, 167, 36)

Main Square

Left of the Square. This area only got a brief glimpse in the movie

Home of Gray's Sports Almanac.

Texaco Station with the 7/11 underneath

Off to the right hand side of the Square

Wilson Hover Conversions

Cafe 80s. I assume the Donkey Kong will eventually become the Wild Gunman arcade game.

Thankfully the Jaws franchise stopped after the fourth movie

Possibly this little gem was found via behind the scenes photos, but I love the name.

It's still being built but the brief chat I had with Miss Neumann said it was just taking forever so she opened it now. Drop by for a look. It's an amazing build.


Latok said...

Thanks for visiting! These are great photo's of our build. Of course Donkey Kong will eventually be replaced by Wild Gunman (which never was an arcade machine in RL btw) and the Ice Cream Clone was a discovery I only recently learned about, thanks to the new Bluray release of the trilogy.