Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Who Knows About Your Second Life?

(*Stolen from Zaida, who stole it from SLuniverse*)

Who knows about your avatar?
Only a few friends know my AV specifically, but most family and friends know I'm on SL.

Who doesn't?
Work. Uni. Although my Uni had/has a sim in SL I don't think they ever did much with it.

Are you 'proud' to have a Second Life avatar?
Not proud, but not ashamed.

Are you proud enough to tell your friends?
Have done. A few have even come into SL and met the AV directly. Even discovered one Babbagite was an old RL friend because I recognised her voice on a sound file.

Are you proud enough to tell your family?
I've told them I play SL (though Mum's probably forgotten). My mother has enough trouble working out how to save a picture attachment from email. I'm not about to explain the intricacies of a virtual world.

If you do tell, how do they react?
A few friends have tried it but it didn't grab them. Omega and Grrbrool have been in SL but have moved on.

Do you think their reaction is because something is wrong with having a SL avatar or that they're daft and closed minded about your game life?
No. Most are busy with their specific hobbies, be it Lego, Star Wars, or whatever. I had a couple of friends who came along to the last Doctor Who podshock and have listened to my Breakfasts in Babbage without being in SL but nothing beyond that.

Greg Merryman's passing a few months back has made me think I need to organise a "If I'm dead" file. No-one else has access to my email and I don't have a partner who could pass on that information. And I do my best to encourage the cat to stay off the computer.