Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Grand opening of the Seraph Club

For those of you wondering what I've been doing with my spare time: I've been busy building a Dieselpunk nightclub. "Dieselpunk?" you say. That what kids today are calling Pulp/Noir stuff with a bit of Science Fiction thrown in.

There'll be old music from the 20s, 30s & 40s, som swing revival, and a few cinema pieces.

But on your best evening wear and head on over.



Fuzzball Ortega said...

I much prefer Pulp Noir over Dieselpunk, personally. Has a much better sound to it. Same as I prefer Gaslamp Fantasy over Steampunk, but Gaslamp Fantasy is too closely associated with Girl Genius

Fogwoman Gray said...

How about "Golden Age"?
Used often to describe the timeframe in relation to science fiction.