Sunday, 17 May 2009

Doctor Whooooo, Oi, Doctor Who

Saturday afternoon saw me at the Katrina sim producing a variety of SF themed music for the gathered crowd at the Podshock Podcast party. Normally I wouldn't get up at stupid o'clock to play a gig but this one just tweaked all my nerdery buttons so I thought What The Hell.

Ever wondered what Freddy Mercury would have been like as a Doctor? I blame Oolon for saying "no ticking" and Alfonso for putting the idea of leopard print in my head.

The open space for the dance party

Miss Emilly as one of the Blink angels

Elilka Sieyes (better known as Dr. Watson in New Babbage)

Alfonso as an ickle wickle Dalek

A stormtrooper in Cardiff. Temporal rift perhaps.

Pixie as a victim of the Vashta Nerada from The Library

Dalek Slade shows that daleks can dance

Victor1st Mornington grooves

The crowd gets bigger. Thankfully I wasn't trying to move anywhere so the lag wasn't a factor.

Dalek's taking over the music for a bit

The party was received well great and I was even asked to play another hour. Thankfully Soliel and I were able to make accommodations with stream use.

Brilliant gig.


Louis Trapani said...

Fantastic job spinning the tunes for our Second Second Life Meet Up. You captured the spirit of event and energized everyone there. Thanks for offering your time and expertise for it.

Kudos, splendid job!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for an approriatly geeky playlist.