Monday, 29 January 2007

The Caledon Social Season

In December 2005 Secondlife had 100,000 people playing it and Caledon didn't exist. By August of 2006 it had hit 500,000 with October seeing it hit the first 1,000,000 (and me as one of them). By December the total number of registered users hat hit 2,000,000 and Caledon now took up some 14 sims by itself (with two more on the way). This week it hit 3,000,000.

In an effort to try and bring some of the burgeoning new population of Caledon together many of the more socially outgoing have begun a programme of The Caledon Season inspired the 19th century social season of the Victorians.

Today (or yesterday for SLT) was the first ball of the season.

The Palatial grounds of the Guvnah's Mansion in Victoria city

I managed to indulge my passion for dancing and quite enjoyed myself.

Myself and Lady Meg

With The Honourable Kate Nicholas

With Miss Orr a recent acquaintance I made in Steelhead

With Her Grace the Duchess of Carntaigh

Miss Cornelia and Mr. Hassanov two of Caledon's mechanical denizens.

One of the drawbacks with having the ladies out looking so gorgeous is that all thos flexiprims cause lag. It was an effort simply to cross the room at times :-) That and, as you can see from the photos, you tend to get enveloped by the ladies' skirts. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing...

I chatted with many people, have discussed the desire for an organised Military Unit for Caledon though some are hoping for Highland Regiments and other for Cavalry. I'm working on uniforms for both. Mr. Somme is quite im patient for me to finish the Cuirassier uniform for the Cavalry and Mr. Wormser is quite keen on another kilt.

I was also told about a device made by Natalia Zelmanov that supposedly helps with flex prims. Miss Doyle suggested this may help with my quest to create a kilt and is better and cheaper than a product we had been discussing some time ago. I've picked up a copy but have yet to have a chance to try it. Her blog also has quite a few tips on SL in general which I'll be going back through and reading. Looks very promising.

I also spent some time with Elda Luna who seems to be going through bouts of insomnia. A rather strange person she's about the height of an 8 year old with vampire features, ears and a clockwork construction. She loves tinkering and can be a great deal of fun.


I need to work on some more building. The Cavalry need boots.